Business Development Unit

• Identify markets that can be exploited and develop marketing strategies for them.
• Raise capital through the sale of planting materials (of maize,citrus,rice etc.) hiring of conference hall and conducting training programmes for agricultural based Institutes.
• Identify and determine other services and product that could be commercialized.
• Identify target groups and promote available technologies and services through effective publicity activities.
• Offer effective and efficient after sales support services to our clients.
• Offer consultancy services for Agricultural based investors.

The following planting materials are being produced for sale to clients/farmers;

• Seed maize: target 200 mini bags.
• Citrus seedlings: target 10,000.
• Mango seedlings: target 10,000.
• Avocado seedlings: target 10,000.
• Oil palm seedlings: target 6,000.

• 10 out of 20 – hectare oil palm plantation has been planted for boundary protection at Fumesua as a long-term project.