The Ashanti/Brong Ahafo Regional Chairperson of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), Mrs Afua Gyamfua Owusu-Akyaw has called for increased collaboration between the industry and the various research centers in the country.
She made the comments during the “Open Day” event of the CSIR-Crops Research Institute, at Fumesua, Kumasi. The event which came off on 20th July, 2018, was organized as part of activities to mark the 60th anniversary of the CSIR.

In a speech read on her behalf, Mrs Owusu Akyaw indicated the important role research plays in the economic development of a nation.  She said “research plays a vital role in economic development of our country since it has been the main source of job creation and output growth”.
She however identified a few barriers which in her opinion hamper the collaboration between industry and research institutions and called on the Government of Ghana to help remove them.
She called on Government to provide necessary infrastructure such as technology transfer offices, science parks and business incubators for research centers. She also called for the design of R&D research grants, matching grants and tax incentives with a requisite of a consortium of firms and universities for project eligibility.
She added that “In addition, governments should consider reforming the reward systems for university professors and researchers by introducing new incentives to collaborate with industry. Normally, university researchers are not rewarded in their careers for collaborating with businesses, and in some countries, it is even seen as unethical to do so. Teaching experience and publications continue to be dominant criteria in tenure track systems and salary scales, and in most universities cooperation with industry is poorly measured and not considered in tenure tracks”.